The Christmas Doors of Teddington 2016

The Christmas Doors of Teddington are 24 miniature doors located around the town during Advent, mostly in shops. Each conceals a picture associated with the Christmas story.

Christmas Doors of Teddington

They give an extra dimension of excitement to the run-up to Christmas for children (and their parents/carers) as they search for these miniature doors all around the town.

For 2016, the doors are 'open' from Thursday 24 November until Christmas and can be visited in any order. Each shop with a door (listed below) will have a stock of leaflets showing where to find all the shops with doors.

Those on the search have to visit each of the 23 shops where the doors are hidden, find each door, and get a sticker on their leaflet from each shop. They can then visit the last door and collect a Christmas prize from Teddington Baptist Church. The doors are tiny, and they will have to look very hard to find them but over 150 prizes were given out in 2015!

Click to see what happened in previous years with Christmas Doors: 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Places with Christmas Doors in 2016
  1. Fun Factory, 14 The Causeway
  2. Teddington Photographic, 17 Broad Street
  3. Vidatherapy, 6 Church Road
  4. Budgens, 31-33 High Street
  5. Cavan Bakery, 111 Stanley Road
  6. Fabric House, 1 Broad Street
  7. Stepping on Out, 7 The Causeway
  8. Sidra Patisserie, 5 Church Road
  9. Cavan Bakery, 25 High Street
  10. Teddington Osteopaths, 146 Stanley Road
  11. Moores Cycles, 214-216 Kingston Road
  12. Happy Potter, 14 Broad Street
  13. Sims Opticians, 4 The Causeway
  14. Quality Grocers, 124 High Street
  15. The Loft, 16 Broad Street
  16. Snellers, 74 Broad Street
  17. Milestone Residential, 43 High Street
  18. Urban Suburban, 8 Broad Street
  19. Jack Brunsdon & Son, 18 High Street
  20. Johnson's Shoes, 60-62 Broad Street
  21. Hillstop Café, 78 Broad Street
  22. Tipplesworth, 12 Church Road
  23. K C Pharmacy, 23 Broad Street
  24. Teddington Baptist Church, 17 Church Road
Christmas Door
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Background Notes
The idea of the Christmas doors originated from two separate sources. The first was the Living Advent, an export from Stockholm which has now run for two years in Henley-Upon-Thames. This scheme involved twenty-three local businesses putting on a display or entertainment of some kind in their shop doorway/ window at 6.15pm from 1st - 23rd December. On 24th, the final 'door' was opened in the parish church.

The second inspiration for the Christmas Doors of Teddington came from the town of Ann Arbor in Michigan USA. In 2005, one or two small 'fairy doors' began appearing in shops around the town (see the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor). There are now lots of them, and tourists travel from miles around with their children to visit them.

The Christmas Doors of Teddington is a joint venture by Teddington Baptist Church and Teddington Business Community. The doors were beautifully crafted by local toy company Le Toy Van and were then prepared and decorated by volunteers from Teddington Baptist Church.