About Teddington Baptist Church

We have about 100 members and most people find us to be a very warm and friendly Church. Our Sunday Services are held at 10.30am and 6.30pm - details of are in the Church Diary. If you are not welcomed warmly by several people on your first visit you should complain to the Minister!

We mostly use modern songs projected onto a screen but sometimes use older hymns from Songs of Fellowship or the Baptist Hymn Book. Most people use the NIV translation of the Bible and that's the translation provided for the use of visitors.

We have a creche during the morning service for small children and Sunday Groups for older children and young people. We serve coffee and tea after Sunday morning services. We also offer prayer ministry after each of our services.

The congregation on 16 November 2003
The Teddington Baptist Church congregation on 16 November 2003

For the photograph above we all stood up to be photographed waving our greetings to some friends overseas. The table is laid for communion but still has covers on top of the plates of bread and the trays of small cups holding wine. Those covers would have been removed before the communion service began.

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