Richard Littledale

Rev Richard Littledale
Teddington Baptist Church's Pastor (1997-2016)

Richard Littledale was our pastor from 1997-2016. We are now in pastoral transition and seeking God's guidance for the next person to be our minister and lead the church forward. During the pastoral transition, Gordon Hindmarch is our Moderator.

Richard Littledale is married to Fiona, and they have three adult sons: Joseph, Jonathan and Luke. He trained at St Andrew's University, Fife, and Spurgeon's College, London. Richard served in Hertford Baptist Church and Purley Baptist Church before moving to Teddington in 1997. In February 2016, Richard Littledale received a call to Newbury Baptist Church. His last Sunday at Teddington was 17 July 2016 and his induction at Newbury is on Saturday 1 October 2016.

Richard has a particular interest in innovative and effective communication, and has enjoyed teaching different groups in India, Pakistan, Belgium, Serbia and America. He has a Master's degree in Preaching which he took at Spurgeon's College, London by in-service training.

He now works with the College of Preachers and runs the occasional preaching workshop. He has also published several books, made a number of radio broadcasts and writes regular web articles commenting on the news of the day. See his Preacher's Blog and his Amazon webpage. You can follow him on Twitter at richardlittleda.

Click here to learn about his books and Click here to download a leaflet about his books.

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