John Gleghorn

The Induction Service for Rev John Gleghorn as the Minister of Teddington Baptist Church was held on Saturday 14 September 2019.

The following announcement was made at our morning service on Sunday 7 April 2019:

Dear Everyone

I'm pleased to be able to confirm that the Rev John Gleghorn has enthusiastically accepted the call to become minister at Teddington Baptist Church. Although precise details need to be worked out, the expectation is that he will move into the Manse in late July/early August and take up full ministerial duties at Teddington late August/early September.

John will be letting Bingley Baptist Church members know of his decision to move on at their Sunday morning service on April 7, so please remember to pray for them and John's family at this time of change - John has been their Minister since 2002 so they will greatly feel the loss of his departure.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and patient involvement in the search for a new minister at Teddington Baptist Church, where everyone can now look forward to a new chapter in the life of the church

Nick Collett on behalf of the Leadership Team
Sunday 7 April 2019

Richard Littledale was our pastor from 1997-2016 when he moved to Newbury Baptist Church. During the pastoral transition, Gordon Hindmarch has been our Moderator.