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Richard Nerurkar
Richard Nerurkar MBE

Born: 6 January 1964 in Wolverhampton

to Gail since 1996

What I Believe
I believe that God wants us to know Him as our loving heavenly Father; that we would never have understood how much He loves us if He had not sent His Son, Jesus, to live among us and die for us.

By the fact of Jesus' death, God demonstrated His willingness to forgive us whatever we're like.

By rising again from the dead, Jesus showed that death had no hold over Him and that those who swear allegiance to Him might also know life eternal.

Why I Believe
I first recognised the truth of what Jesus had done for us when I was 16. Since then, through personal experience and through meeting others who have been changed by their faith in God, I have wanted to affirm more and more the truth of what Jesus promises us: that through Him we may have life and have it to the full.

Family: Parents and siblings live in N. England; 1 daughter (Ruth Almaz born Jan 2001)

Educated: in Bradford, Oxford, and Boston, USA

Job: worked as language school-teacher, in a church mission agency, full-time athlete (until March 2000)

Likes: "winters" in Kenya, golden syrup with porridge

Dislikes: being injured, waiting at Waterloo Station for late-night train home

Hobbies: learning foreign languages while at training camps overseas

Dates: joined TBC in October 1996; now lives in Brighton