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In 1981, Stephen Waldron wrote about the TBC Centenary Musical "Built to Love"
"Two pictures emerged of the church as wonderful sources of ideas and images - the people of God as a temple of Living Stones, and God's people as a body. Within two weeks I had written all but one of the songs, such was the real inspiration that I felt came from God, and as time progressed it developed into a series of songs linked by narration and illustrated with dance and mime."

We are meant to be
A caring family,
That the world might see
We are built to love.

God distributes gifts,
So each one benefits;
When one falls others lift;
We are built to love.

Holy we must be
Or God will not see;
We must speak honestly,
For we are built to love.

Let us tell our friends,
God's new life never ends;
We've eternal life to spend;
We are built to love.

We are built to love,
We are built to love,
We are built to love,
We are built to love.

Word and music by Steve Waldron.
Written for Built to Love the Centenary Musical of Teddington Baptist Church in 1981.
Music and words © Triples Music 1981.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

The arrangement used to create the music file for this site is by Steve Waldron;
Midi and later mp3 file created by Colin Hicks
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