Thames Valley District of Baptist Churches

2017 Dates for the Thames Valley District

Executive (8 pm) 27 Jan 12 May 6 Oct
Council (8 pm) 20 Feb 5 June 30 Oct
Prayer Diary (target dates) Spring (5 March) Summer (18 June) Winter (12 Nov)

Celebration Service 2016 Sunday 22 October 2017 at 6.30pm
with Rev Phil Barnard (London Baptist Association)
venue to be confirmed

Contacts for the Thames Valley District

Please direct any queries to Colin Hicks or Stella King

Map of the Thames Valley District

map of the Thames Valley District

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Aims of the Thames Valley District

1. To promote fellowship among the churches and to stimulate outreach

2. To provide mutual support among neighbouring churches with special concern for the smaller fellowships

3. To maintain and encourage relations within the London Baptist Association

4. To support the work of the denomination in mission at home and abroad

Constitution of the Thames Valley District

(London Baptist Association)

Approved by the Council of the District on 3 November 2003
Amended by the Council of the District on 12 June 2011
The District shall be called the "Baptist Churches of the Thames Valley District". Its objects shall be:-
a. to promote fellowship amongst the Churches and stimulate their outreach;
b. to have special concern for the smaller fellowships;
c. to arouse, sustain and develop interest in Mission at home and overseas through the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BU) and the BMS World Mission and to stimulate financial support for BMS World Mission and BU Home Mission; and
d. to maintain and encourage relations within the London Baptist Association (LBA).
a. The District shall consist of Baptist Churches in the Thames Valley Area (as defined by the LBA) and such other Churches as the Council may from time to time accept into membership.
b. Each affiliated Church shall contribute to the funds of the District, the amount of the subscription being reviewed at the Annual General Meeting and depending on the size of the Churches and the amount estimated to be needed to meet the expenses of the District for the following year.
The District Minister(s) and District Coordinator, appointed as prescribed by the LBA, shall work together with the Churches, stimulating them to fulfil the District's objects by:-
a. coordinating activities within the District;
b. encouraging the Churches;
c. promoting initiatives; and
d. promoting LBA policy within the District.
Mutual support and fellowship between neighbouring Churches shall be encouraged by their association in geographically based Sectors. The District Coordinator shall arrange for the assignment of newly affiliated Churches to Sectors and for the re-assignment of Churches between Sectors should that prove necessary. Such assignments shall be submitted to the Council for ratification.
a. The members of the Executive shall be ex-officio members of the Council;
b. Churches affiliated to the District shall be entitled to send to the Council their Minister(s) and up to three delegates. It is desirable that when appointing its delegates each Church should ensure that its central leadership is properly represented including those responsible for evangelism and mission;
c. Other persons may be co-opted as required.
The Executive, being mindful of priorities determined by Council, shall consider and propose to Council matters which will further the objects of the District. It shall consist of:-
a. District Minister(s);
b. District Coordinator;
c. Borough Deans for Kingston and Richmond; and
d. a representative from each Sector (appointed for a 3 year term by the Churches of each Sector); plus
e. elected post-holders which shall include a Treasurer and such other elected post-holders as the Council may from time to time determine taking due account of the District's objects. The Executive shall have the power to co-opt additional members. In co-opting any such members the Executive shall ensure that its membership represents the various interests within the District.
The Council shall have the power to nominate and appoint representatives and delegates from among its members as required.
a. District Minister(s) and District Coordinator
The District Minister(s) and District Coordinator shall be appointed by the LBA in consultation with the Churches in the District for such period as the LBA shall determine. The normal procedure for such consultation shall follow that set out below for the election of other elected post-holders on the Executive. However, the procedure shall not be used to elect the District Minister(s) and District Coordinator but rather to determine recommendations to the LBA. Other posts for which appointment is to be made by the LBA following district consultation shall be treated in like manner.
b. Other Elected Post-Holders
The Treasurer and other elected post-holders on the Executive shall normally be in membership with affiliated and contributing Churches, shall be elected or re-elected for three year terms, and may be nominated by the Churches, members of Council, or the Executive. Nominations for these posts shall be invited from Churches and Council delegates by notice to each Church Secretary; nominations shall normally be received by the Executive meeting which precedes the Annual General Meeting of Council. Election shall be by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. The support of more than 50% of those present and eligible to vote is necessary to secure election. If there is more than one candidate for any particular post and no candidate secures the necessary majority then the candidate who secures most votes in the first ballot shall go forward to a second ballot. Posts which are not filled or fall vacant for any reason may be filled for the balance of the term by elections held at other meetings of Council.
The Council shall normally meet three times a year (in January/February, June/July and October/November), the June/July meeting normally being the Annual General Meeting. The Executive shall normally meet before each Council meeting. A quorum for the Council shall be 20 and for the Executive shall be 50% of its membership. There will normally be at least one public meeting arranged each year for the whole District.
The Accounts of the District for each year ending 31 December shall be independently examined by one person who shall normally be appointed by the Council.
In cases of emergency, the Executive shall have the power to act in the name of the Council. Such action must be reported to the next Council meeting.
No alteration, addition, or deletion may be made to the Constitution, except at the Annual General Meeting or a Special Council Meeting convened for the purpose. Notice of the intention to amend the Constitution shall be given in writing at a previous Council Meeting and circulated promptly thereafter to any Churches not represented at the meeting.