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Richard Littledale's
Views on the News: Index

This monthly series of articles called Views on the News
was written by Richard Littledale while he was
minister of Teddington Baptist Church (1997-2016).
The article for July 2016 is the last in the series.
January: The Perils of Prediction
February: Words: handle with care
March: In or Out?
April: Would Jesus take a selfie?
May: The wrong end of the telescope
June: Of worms and heavenly bodies
June: Of worms and heavenly bodies
June Special: Referendum Reflections
July: Teddington in my rear-view mirror
January: Happy New Year
February: Drawn Together
March: Yew Trees and Hope
April: Seismic sympathy
May: Night of the Long Knives?
June: Beautiful no longer
July: A Kaddish for Sousse
August: 28001
Sept: False Friends & True Humour
October: Two little words
November: Retiring as Champions
December: Glimpses of Advent
January: War and peace
February: A sporting chance
March: The reek of revolution
April: Not before time
May: A long time ago...
June: The glory of Mistakes
July: Privacy and connectivity
August: Anniversary confusions
September: Me and my selfie
October: The season is upon us
November: And then what?
December: Advent Hope
January: Starting Afresh
February: Passing the test...
March: Does a duck swim?
April: Two voices, one sermon?
May: Busy Doing Nothing?
June: London by Night
July: 'Satisfaction' guaranteed?
August: Back to School
September: The Violent Death of Language
October: The News Unicycle
November: The I of the Storm
December: An idea for Christmas
January: The thieves of time
February: Golden Threads
March: An Unholy Ally?
April: Strong like an ox...
May: Make mine a raspberry pi
June: Longing for a Jubilee
July: If Jesus had PR
August: 28 Days Later
September: The longest distance...
October: Mind your language!
November: Saints, spiders and hallows
December: So what, Godbaby?
January: What happened next?
February: Life & death in Egypt
March: On the buses...
April: CFC Day
May: Death by acronym
June: Give an inch...
July: Who's nicked our story?
August: Dragons' Den
September: The writing's on the wall
October: Slow message coming
November: On hijacking a cathedral
December: Simply Christmas?
January: The Noughties
February: Where do you start?
March: Cutting to the core
April: Switch on, turn off - at our peril
May: The hardest word...
June: What would Jesus tweet?
July: If only
August: Great leaps or stumbling steps
September: A camp called hope
October: Actions and Words
November: Austere Grace?
December: Playing a part in the nativity
January: Resolution-time
February: Make mine a lette...
March: I don't have digital
April: Spring
May: More than a flag?
June: Honourable?
July: Death of a star?
August: Walk this way
September: What price words?
October: Now for something slightly different
November: Mr Postman!
December: Oh groan all ye faithful
January: On Recycling Christmas...
February: Luddites or Custodians?
March: Walk away...
April: Plane Ethics?
May: Like a candle flame...
June: Who will you cheer for?
July: Bowing out?
August: Blowing in the Wind
September: Blink and you'll miss it
October: You rang, my Lord?
November: On the buses...
December: Cheap Humour
January: Of bridges and badges...
February: Not in my nimby!
March: Dem bones
April: Sweet Jesus
May: Earth Mark II
June: Mantle or Mantel?
July: Five Clicks
August: The order of the bath
September: The Diana Effect?
October: Shock Tactics
November: Remember...and how
December: Room for the night?
January: Sorrow & Joy
February: Humour and Humility
March: f comes to church
April: Let me entertain you...
May: How green is God?
June: Flags of convenience?
July: Holy Land?
August: Top of the Pops
September: The Gutenberg Googly
October: The Truth Machine
November: Stern Enough Stuff?
December: Same old story?
January: Troubling Questions
February: The mark of courage
March: Hacked off?
April: Signs of faith
May: Same old same old?
June: A kind of immortality?
July: Curious logic?
August: Surreal London
September: Katrina and the waves
October: The 100-Word Bible
November: Citizens of Heaven?
December: All I want for Christmas 2005...
January: A message for the blue planet
February: Ssshh - views on the news
March: Coal delivery, 21st-century style
April: Were you there?
May: Damned if you do....
June: D is for ....
July: Let Freedom Reign!
August: Emergency Announcement
September: Click-Flirt
October: What to buy?
November: Perspectives on Turkey
December: All I want for Christmas...
January: The White Stuff
February: Of Icarus and Felix
March: Escape from Conversation?
April: Heroes?
May: Experts or Exports
June: W.M.D.
July: I've got your number
August: Linguistic Evolution?
September: Dropping Everything?
October: Never mind the question...
November: Remember, remember
December: Swing low, sweet chariot
January: And now for the forecast...
February: From Tipton to Paradise, via Cuba
March: More Sinners Please!
April: Faith in Print
May: X Marks the Spot
June: On joining in...
July: What? - Still No Ideas?
August: Duck or Grouse
September: Where Was God?
October: Shame, shame
November: Sorry
December: Earthy or Earthly Christmas
January: you'll never know...
February: Missing U Already
March: Foot and Mouse?
April: Face to Face
May: Forgive and Forget
June: Privilege Fatigue
July: A Question of Perspective
August: Child's Play
September: A Funny Thing
October: September 11th, 2001
November: Closing the Wrong Eye
December: O Little Town of Bethlehem
January: Bug or flu?
February: The man who played God
March: Conscious Conscience?
April: On Message
May: Promises, promises
June: Only eating vegetarians
July: Discovery of the century?
August: From Iris to Sable
September: The Olympic Ideal Achieved
October: The Gold Standard
November: The Under-Rated Ark
December: Sheep Games
January: Yak...yak...yak
February: Sent Off!
March: Banana Wars or Banana Skins
April: A few words on the indescribable...
May: All the Same?
June: Implements of War
July: Have a Heart ...
August: An Eclipse of the Son?
September: Change the Wallpaper?
October: The Arithmetic of Forgiveness
November: What's Your Beef?
December: On Being Read by the Story
January: Storm Warning
February: The Fall and Rise of M-Boy
March: Publish and be ...!
April: What Price Peace?
May: Money Money Money
June: Surging Ahead
July: Blame ... and where to take it...
August: Remember to Worship!
September: Under The Influence
October: Order out of Chaos
November: A string of thoughts...
December: A Funny Thing Happened....
The series began in September 1997
September: Tears for the Queen of Hearts
October: 'dem Bones
November: "tie a yellow ribbon"
December: A Star Is Born
I hope you enjoy my monthly comments on the news!
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