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Mr Clark Mr Joseph Clark
Minister 1883-1885
Place in TBC History

Mr Joseph Clark actually began work with the Teddington Baptist cause assisted by Mr J P Chalmers on 13 August 1882 proving, according to a note of the time to be "a very Paul and Barnabas".

The formal call to Mr Clark to be joint pastor with Mr J P Chalmers was issued in October 1883 but in October 1884 Mr Clark became sole Pastor when an "affectionate farewell" was taken of Mr Chalmers. However, Mr Clark resigned at the beginning of 1885 and a later note in the TBC Record says that he left for "wider ministry".

Mr Clark was particularly active in arranging for the purchase of the plot of land in Church Road and the erection on it of the Tin Tabernacle. His name appears on the original trust deed as involved in the transfer of the land to the Trustees of the new church from its original owner - John Nash Goatley. On the documentation he is described as Joseph Clark, Wholesale Clothier of "The Cottage", Middle Lane, Teddington.

After leaving Teddington, Joseph Clark became the first Minister of John Bunyan Baptist Church in Kingston-upon-Thames and he served there from January 1885 until 1891. The history of John Bunyan Baptist Church records that the position of Minister of that church "was advertised in 'The Baptist', but it was locally from Teddington that Rev Joseph Clark of the Metropolitan Tabernacle County Mission offered to serve 'at trifling expense'. He was accordingly invited unanimously to become the first pastor commencing his ministry in the month of the chapel opening (January 1885)."

In 1891, the Baptist Union Directory lists him as resident in Church Road, Kingston-upon-Thames but the following year (1892) he is recorded as having been the Minister of Nottingham Baptist Tabernacle since 1891. That Church is listed as founded in 1868 with buildings which seat 2200. It is reported as having 660 members. Joseph Clark's address is given in the 1892 BU Directory as Mountford House, Carrington, Nottingham.

In 1895, he preached at the opening of the new Church in Teddington at which point he was listed as being from Nottingham.

Auckland Baptist Tabernacle
Auckland Baptist Tabernacle
in the 1990s
The TBC Record tells us that Rev Joseph Clark was called by Auckland Baptist Tabernacle, New Zealand and moved to take up the Pastorate of that Church in 1897. It records, in subsequent reports, that Auckland Baptist Church was large and growing. Then in 1931 the Record reports that Rev Joseph Clark died in Hamilton, New Zealand on 13 June 1931 aged 78. It says that he had by then been living in New Zealand for thirty years, first at Auckland and then at Hamilton and Morrinsville. He is reported to have been survived by a widow and a "large family of grown-up sons and daughters".

Contact with Auckland Baptist Tabernacle has confirmed that Rev Joseph Clark moved to New Zealand in 1897 from his pastorate at Nottingham Baptist Tabernacle.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District] (published by The Cyclopedia Company Limited, 1902, Christchurch) (p 236) records as follows:

Rev. Joseph Clark, late of Nottingham, but now Pastor of Auckland Tabernacle, was born in London, on 5th May, 1853. While yet a lad, his father removed from London to a farm in Essex, so that he had an early experience of both town and country life, which no doubt helped to qualify him for his future career. Pastor Clark was brought up in the tenets of the Church of England and sang in a Church choir. He also devoted a great deal of his leisure time to athletics and gained several prizes in his youth. Pastor Clark's conversion which resulted in his entering the Baptist Church was caused by several memorable experiences. Two narrow escapes from drowning, the request of his dying mother and, finally, the preaching of Dr. Hugh Allen, decided him to devote his life to Christ. Owing to his connection with the Established Church, Mr. Clark was slow to renounce the teaching of his youth, but being driven out by Ritualism, he left the Church and attended the evening classes at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, under the tuition of Professor Fergusson and Mr. Johnson. Upon his marriage and removal to Clapham, he became associated with Pastor E. Henderson, of Victoria Chapel, Wandsworth, who baptised him and received him into fellowship. In the meantime he continued his connection with mercantile pursuits at Clapham, and in the City, at the same time pursuing his studies at the City of London College. When he joined the Metropolitan Tabernacle he became a member of the country mission and was one of the first preachers sent by that organization to Thornton Heath. At the request of the late Rev. Charles Spurgeon, he went to Teddington and laboured there with great success. His next step was to take charge of the new church at Norbiton, which proved too small for the increasing congregations, so that the Public Hall had to be engaged. He then entered the Pastor's College and worked hard as student and pastor for three years. On entering the College he had a most liberal offer made to him by a mercantile firm in the City, but after earnest and careful consideration he decided to throw in his lot with the Baptist ministry. On the recommendation of the late Rev. Chas. Spurgeon, he was appointed to the Nottingham Tabernacle, where he laboured with the greatest success, until his acceptance of the pastorate of the Auckland Tabernacle.
Rev Greer Rev Alexander Greer
Minister 1885-1887
Place in TBC History

Rev Alexander (Alex) Greer succeeded Mr Clark in October 1885 and led the church until May 1887 when he resigned from the Pastorate. He is regarded as the Church's first really settled Minister with a work described as "steady, quiet building."

Although he arrived in October 1885, his membership (and that of his wife) was only transferred to TBC on 31 March 1886 from Little Kingshill Baptist Church, Bucks. His resignation was presented to the Church Meeting on 25 May 1887 and on 31 August 1887, his wife's membership was transferred to Great Broughton Baptist Church, Cumberland.

He married his wife (nee Emma Walker) in Walworth Road Chapel, St Saviour's on 4th Dec 1874 (GRO Marriage Index 1874 Dec St Saviour 1d 294), the marriage ceremony being conducted by Charles Haddon Spurgeon - probably because Alexander Greer studied at the Pastor's College (the predecessor of Spurgeon's College). The 1881 Census shows him as a Baptist Minister in New Quorn, Quorndon, Leics, age 39 and born in Workington, Cumberland with his wife Emma Greer age 40, born in Brixton, Surrey and a three year old son (Ernest A Greer) born in Braunston, Northamptonshire. The 1891 Census shows him as a Baptist Minister, age 50 and born in Workington, Cumberland, living in Great Broughton, Cumberland with his wife Emma Greer, age 51, born in Brixton, Surrey. In the 1891 Census they have a son, Ernest A Greer age 13, and born in Braunston, Hampshire (which is probably a mistake for Northampshire). The 1901 and 1911 Census are both entirely consistent with the 1891 Census and both have Alexander and Emma ten years older each time still living in Cumberland, in Broughton (1901) and Great Broughton (1911). He is believed to have lived in Broughton until he died there in April 1920.

He is probably the Alexander Greer who as christened as the son of Alexander and Mary Greer in St Michael's Parish Church, Workington, Cumberland on 17 May 1840 (This is probably the birth recorded at GRO Birth Index 1840 June Cockermouth 104 25 as Workington lay at the time in the Cockermouth Registration District, as did Broughton).

Rev Spencer Rev Daniel Spencer
Minister February 1889 - October 1889
Place in TBC History

Rev Daniel Spencer was the shortest serving TBC Minister (February to October 1889).

He is recorded as living at 5 Oxford Road, Teddington in 1890 but does not appear in Teddington in the 1891 Census, although the Coming of Age (1904) and Jubilee (1931) histories say that he 'frequently ministered to the Church until May 1891' when he left for Canada. In the Coming of Age (1904) history he is listed as having the qualification F.R.G.S. (presumably Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society).

The January 1908 edition of the Record included a letter from Rev Daniel Spencer in which he says, "Here in this great land I have had the joy of preaching the glorious gospel in over 300 Baptist Churches from sea to sea ... my three pastorates have been happy ones." He also refers to "My dear wife and daughter report the visit made to you last summer as one of great pleasure to them," and he says "my family are all well, ... the eldest and youngest being married."

We have now found out the following about Rev Spencer's time in Canada:

Rev Daniel Spencer F.R.G.S. LL.D.

Dr Spencer served in two of the larger churches within the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec and he was a prominent clergyman in the Temperance movement in the Brantford area of Ontario.

1891-1895 St Thomas Baptist Church (now Centre Street Baptist), St Thomas, Ontario, Canada

1895-1900 First Baptist Church, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

1900-1905 Resident of Kingston and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but not in pastoral service

1905-1908 First Baptist Church, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

He is mentioned in the Annual Report of the Baptist Union of Western Canada as residing in Vancouver, British Columbia ca. 1911 and in Calgary, Alberta ca. 1914. The latter is the last entry about him in the Canadian Baptist Archives.

The material in this panel is by courtesy of Dr Kenneth R Morgan, D.Min.
Director of the Canadian Baptist Archives
at McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4K1, Canada

A history of elections in British Columbia mentions that the results of a plebiscite in 1909 on the question "Are you in favour of a Local Option Law being given to the people that they may have the right to say yea or nay, in their own town city or district, to the licensed liquor traffic?" were conveyed in a letter 10 February 1910 to the Premier, Richard McBride, from Rev. Dr. Daniel Spencer, Superintendant of the Local Option League of British Columbia (PABC GR 441 v.38).

In 1919, Quebec Baptist Church records that it had help "during its relocation in 1919" from an American called Rev Dr Daniel Spencer. Whether this is the same or a different person is not clear.

Rev Williamson Rev R J Williamson
Minister 1891-1899
Place in TBC History

Rev Williamson served as Minister of TBC from an enthusiastic call in 1891 until his death in 1899.

Rev Robert John Williamson was born in Levenwick, Shetland in about 1857. Having decided to enter the pastorate he first attended Edinburgh University. He then moved down to London where he spent three years at "Mr Spurgeon's Theological College". He took up his first pastorate at Studley near Redditch in 1886 and he was there for six years. He appears in Studley, Warwickshire in the 1891 Census as a Baptist Minister age 32 lodging with a family called Oakley. He married a Studley girl, Miss Helen Hall, in December 1892, soon after starting his second (and last) pastorate at Teddington.

Rev Williamson had a personal life which might merit the word tragic - his wife, Helen, died on 17 May 1894 after they had only been married just over a year. She was 25 years old. (Her death was probably related to child-birth as their only child, Helen, died on 4 April 1915 aged 20 and is buried with her parents in Teddington Cemetery.)

Rev Williamson had to have a foot amputated in 1897 after two serious operations had failed to save it. (The operation was conducted in his own house by Dr Luscombe - a medical man who was also a Church member.) He went on an extended period of convalescence in Switzerland and Eastbourne in 1897, returning to service in April 1898. Rev Corbet assisted the Church during Rev Williamson's absence. Then in 1899 Rev Williamson's right hand had to be amputated (also by Dr Luscombe) following which he returned to the work of the ministry - as cheerful as ever. However, he died on 2 September 1899, aged 42, 'after finding the borderland to be very beautiful' (his own words).

His obituary in 1899 said of him, "As a preacher he was decidedly drastic. But he laid the heart bare in order only to purify and heal" while the Jubilee history of the Church says, "He was the friend of everyone, the counsellor of the perplexed, the consoler of the sad, the monitor of the guilty, the guide to Calvary of the sin-burdened."

Rev Corbet Rev Alexander Corbet
Assisted Rev Williamson 1897-1898
Place in TBC History

Rev Alexander Corbet assisted the Church through Rev Williamson's extended period of ill-health from 1897 into 1898. His call in 1897 was to take the oversight 'as far and for as long as was necessary'. Rev Corbet moved to the pastorate of Lansdowne Baptist Church, Bournemouth in April 1898 as Mr Williamson returned to service after an extended period of ill-health. He moved from Bournemouth to the pastorate of Wycliffe Baptist Church in Reading in 1916. He retired from ministry due to ill-health in 1928, and he died in Earley, Reading in July 1934 aged 73 leaving a widow, three sons and two daughters.

There has been some confusion about whether his surname was Corbet or Corbett, early and later records have only one 't' although some intermediate histories use 'tt'. However, the matter was settled by a family descendant who told us in 2011 that 't' is correct.

The 1901 Census records him as a Baptist Minister (surname: Corbet) living in Bournemouth, age 40 and born in Scotland, married to Agnes (age 36 and also born in Scotland), with three children - Alexander (age 4), Margaret (age 1) and Eric (age 4 months).

Alexander Corbet (age 50) and Agnes Arbuckle Corbet (age 46) are also in the 1911 Census living at 38 Lansdowne Road, Bournemouth with his occupation recorded as "Minister of Lansdowne Baptist Church". The 1911 Census records them as having been married for 15 years with 5 children, all still living, but none of the children are shown as resident with them. From family sources it is known that the two additional children were: Agnes Ann (b 1902 and known as Inez) and Kenneth Clyde (b 1905). All five Corbet children can be found in the 1911 Census living at The Ocean Wave, Milford on Sea, Hampshire with "Annie Hudson, Nursery Governess, age 40" - the children are given as Alexander Steven (age 14), Margaret George (age 11), Eric Grainger (age 10), Agnes Anne George (age 9) and Kenneth Clyde (age 5).

Rev Horn Rev H J Horn
Minister 1900-1910
Place in TBC History

Rev Harry John Horn was a man of "forceful personality and courage" who set about clearing the building debt which stood at £1,255 when he arrived in July 1900 but had been comfortably cleared within four years. During his ministry the Church built the Sunday School Halls which required the purchase and demolition of two houses adjoining the church property. Wally James described him as "a great Bible teacher and Christian administrator" and the Jubilee History describes him as an "enthusiastic seeker for souls for his Master."

He is listed in various Baptist Union Directories as having trained at Cardiff Baptist College, and having first been Minister of Bethel Baptist Church, Barry (1894-1900). In 1910 Rev Horn left Teddington to take up a call to the pastorate of Park Road, Rushden, Northants (1910-1916). During part of the First World War he served with the Soldiers Christian Fellowship in France. He returned home in 1917 to take up the pastorate at Rye Lane Baptist Church, Peckham (1917-1924) and he concluded his ministry at Purley (1924-1935).

The 1901 Census records him as a Baptist Minister, age 33 and born in Poplar, London, with a wife Kate (age 32 and born in Havantbury, Hampshire) and a daughter - Constance (age 4 born in Glamorganshire). He is in the 1911 Census in Wellingborough, Northants as Harry John Horn (Baptist Minister age 43 born in Poplar, London) with wife Kate Constance (age 42 and born in Havant, Hampshire) with daughters Constance Lucie (age 14 born in Barry, Glamorganshire) and Margaret Freda (age 4 months born in Rushden, Northants). They are stated in that Census to have had 5 children of whom only 2 were still alive.

The 1911 Census states that he and Kate had been married by then for 15 years. His marriage will therefore be the one registered as between Harry John Horn and Kate Constance Blackmore in the Fordingbridge Registration District in the third quarter of 1895 (GRO Marriage Index 1895 Sep Fordingbridge 2b 1245).

Rev McCleery Rev James McCleery
Minister 1911-1918
Place in TBC History

According to old editions of the Baptist Union Directory, Rev James McCleery trained at Manchester and Owens. His first church was at Ramsbottom (1890-1897) and his second was Avenue Road, Southend-on-Sea (1898-1911). He led TBC during the Great War (First World War) when many from the Church went to serve in the forces. He was noteworthy for "his successful efforts to win young people for Christ", and saw the setting up of the Scouts and Girls' Life Brigade.

He left Teddington to go to ministry at Tile House, Hitchen in 1918 where he served until moving to Zion Baptist Church, Cambridge in 1926.

The 1891 Census has him as a single man, James McCleery (Baptist Minister, age 27, born County Down, Ireland) living in Holcombe, Lancs. The 1901 Census shows him as James Mcclery, a Baptist Minister, age 37 born in County Down, Ireland, and living in Prittlewell, Essex with his wife who is recorded as Alice M Mcclery age 38 born in Brightwell, Berks. They have not yet been found in the 1911 Census.

He is probably the James McCleery born on 3 March 1864 Killyleagh, Down, Ireland and christened on 13 April 1864 as the son of John McCleery and Eliza Jane (nee Duncan) in the Presbyterian Church, Killyleagh, Down, Ireland. His marriage will be the one between James Mccleery and Alice Mary Hobley GRO Marriage Index 1891 June Bradford 9b 287. Her birth is then Alice Mary Hobley GRO Birth Index 1862 Mar Wallingford 2c 323.

He may be the James McCleery who died on 26 February 1932 in Southend-on-Sea, Essex as recorded in the National Probate Calendar in 1932, leaving everything to his widow, Alice Mary McCleery. The corresponding death registration is James McCleery GRO Death Index 1932 Mar Rochford 4a 958 (age 67).

She may be the Alice Mary McCleery who died on 30 April 1941 in Penrith, Cumberland as recorded in the National Probate Calendar in 1941. Her death registration would then be Alice M McCleery GRO Death Index 1941 June Penrith 10b 1082 (age 79).

Rev Tebbit Rev W Harold Tebbit
Minister 1919-1927
Place in TBC History

Rev William Harold Tebbit came to Teddington after training at the Metropolitan College (Spurgeons's College) and a first pastorate at Woking (1911-1919).

He left Teddington in 1927 when he was called to the pastorate of Immanuel Church, Southsea and he served there until 1934. From 1932-1934 he combined that pastorate with an honorary pastorate of Fareham Baptist Church. In 1934 he was appointed to be the Baptist Union General Superintendent for the Eastern Area.

He is in the 1911 Census as a single man, William Harold Tebbit (Baptist Minister of the Baptist Church, Woking, age 27, born Toft, Cambs) lodging with a family in Guildford. He is in the 1901 Census as a 15 year-old servant working in Cambridge.

He is shown in an internet family tree on Ancestry as the son of Arthur Tebbit (1852-1931) and Lydia Custerson (1845-1909) born in Toft, Cambs and dying in 1952 in the Wandsworth Registration District. His birth will be William Harold Tebbit GRO Birth Index 1885 June Caxton 3b 460. He appears never to have married.

As with Alexander Corbet, there is some confusion in the church records over whether his surname should end with one or two 't's. As with Alexander Corbet, it appears the correct answer to this question is in the singular - Tebbit is the useage adopted above.

Rev Morley Rev H J Morley
Minister 1928-1938
Place in TBC History

Rev Henry John Morley was born at Stratford-on-Avon and worked as a journalist in Sussex for two and a half years before training for the Baptist ministry at Manchester Baptist College. His first pastorate was at Eccles (1899-1904) and was followed by further pastorates at Church Street, Kidderminster (1904-1914), Sydenham, Forest Hill (1914-1922) and Canterbury (1922-1928). He came to Teddington in 1928 and left on accepting a call to a new and smaller Baptist cause in Woodmansterne (1937-1938). He finished his ministry at Mostyn Street(E), Llandudno (1941-1942).

The Jubilee history of 1931 (produced during his pastorate) describes Mr Morley as having a "clear-sighted outlook upon the problems of everyday life, his fearless advocacy of all that he believes to be the will of his Father, his clear Gospel teaching, and his explanations of the articles of our faith, make him a worthy successor to as fine a line of Pastors as any Church could possibly have had."

The 1901 Census shows him as Henry J Morley age 30 and born at "Lincoln, Stratford on Avon", visiting a family called Atkinson at Barnoldswick in Yorkshire. At the same address is another visitor Ella R Morley age 24 and also born at "Lincoln, Stratford on Avon". As shown by the 1911 Census, this will have been his wife.

He is in the 1911 Census living in Kiddersminster, Worcs as Henry John Morley (Baptist Minister, age 40, born Stratford on Avon, Warwicks) with a wife Ella Royston Morley (age 35, born Lincoln, Lincs) and two daughters (Ella Kathleen age 9 born in Eccles, Lancs and Hilda Marian age 6 born in Kidderminster, Worcs). He and Ella are recorded in the 1911 Census as having been married for 11 years and as having had 2 children both of whom were still alive.

Their marriage registration will be Henry John Morley marries Ellen Royston Compton GRO Marriage Index 1900 Mar Hasting 2b 60d. His death registration will be Henry J Morley GRO Death Index 1949 June Nottingham 3c 259 (age 78). His wife's death registration will be Ella Royston Morley GRO Death Index 1961 Sep Nottingham 3c 188 (age 85).

He is in the 1891 Census as a single man staying with his grandparents in Greenwich.

Rev Sutton Rev E F Sutton
Minister 1940-1946
Place in TBC History

Rev E F (Ernie) Sutton moved to Teddington from Shirley Baptist Church, Southampton in 1940. He had served in the armed forces during the First World War, and then was in pastorate at Harlesden from 1921 before moving to Southampton in 1932. Three weeks after his arrival the church buildings (but not the Sunday School buildings) were destroyed by enemy bombing. He left Teddington in 1946 to become pastor at Twynholm, Fulham.

Mr Sutton was married and had one son (John) and two daughters (Mary and Margaret).

Rev Missen Rev F G Missen
Minister 1947-1957
Place in TBC History

Rev Frederick George Missen trained at Spurgeon's College and before coming to Teddington had pastorates at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (1932-1938) and then at Central Baptist Church, Walthamstow (1938-1946). He came to Teddington in 1947 but after ten years of pastorate devoted to having the new church building erected and completed, he resigned in February 1957 because of ill-health. He died on 8 August 1958 age 53. It was written of him that "during all the time he had been with us, he had given all in the service of his Master".

In January 1999, Dr Hedley Missen (son of Rev Fred Missen) said, "I remember Teddington well. The Induction Service was held on 1 January 1947, a very snowy day. We lived in the manse at 16 Gloucester Road, Teddington. The Teddington Sunday School and Scouts brought me through to my Christian faith and I was baptised at Teddington."

His death registration will be Frederick G Missen GRO Death Index 1958 Sep Southwark 5d 420 (age 53). His birth registration will be Frederick George Missen GRO Birth Index 1905 Sep Melksham 5a 112. His marriage registration will be Frederick G Missen m Ruby P Simmons GRO Marriage Index 1932 Sep Guildford 2a 398. His wife's death registration will be Ruby Phyllis Missen GRO Death Index 1989 Oct Chelmsford 9 2132 (born 31 Dec 1904)

Rev Valentine Rev Theo F Valentine
Minister 1957-1966
Place in TBC History

Immediately before coming to Teddington in 1957, Rev Theo Valentine was BMS Youth Secretary. He had trained at Rawdon Baptist College, Leeds and Regents Park College after which he had served from 1940-1945 in a pastorate at Upton, Lambeth (with oversight of Christ Cherch, Lambeth) and a further pastorate at Broadway, Derby from 1945-1952.

Rev and Mrs Valentine continued to live in the area for many years after he left the pastorate - he took up employment as chaplain to a local engineering company - until Rev Valentine died in 1982.

His death registration is: Theodore Francis Valentine GRO Death Index 1982 Dec Hounslow 13 1303 (born 1 April 1912). His birth registration is: Theodore F Valentine GRO Birth Index 1912 June (Mullett) Northampton 3b 149. His marriage registration will be Theodore F Valentine marries Dorothy M Underwood GRO Marriage Index 1941 Mar Wharfedale 9a 495.

Rev Harper Rev J Ron Harper
Minister 1967-1973
Place in TBC History

Rev J Ronald (Ron) Harper came to Teddington in 1967 from Bury St Edmunds and went on from here to ministry in Colchester.

Ron Harper was famous for cycling energetically around Teddington on his pastoral visits. In his retirement years, he used to conduct many services at his local cemeteries and cremetoria - to the extent that his ambition became to achieve an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for conducting the most funeral services in a single year (his record was about 1300!).

Rev Martin Rev Roger Martin
Minister 1974-1980
Place in TBC History

Rev Roger Martin was trained at Spurgeon's College, his first pastorate was at Newport, Isle of Wight (1968-73) and he moved from there to Teddington in 1974. His subsequent pastorates were Poynton (1980-1990), Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea (1990-1999), and Stockton Tabernacle (1999-2009).

While at Stockton he served as Chairman of the Council of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) and later he was appointed Vice-Chairman of Spurgeon's College. At the beginning of May 2009, he was elected Vice-President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and would have served as its President 2010-11. But less than a week after his election he was diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer and he died a week later.

Rev Roger Martin was married to Elizabeth and they had four sons - Karl, James, Reuben, and Alexander.

Rev Binney Rev Jim Binney
Minister 1982-1987
Place in TBC History

Rev James Philip (Jim) Binney was trained at Spurgeon's College and subsequently was minister at Bewdley in Worcestershire (1969-73) before serving in an Assemblies of God ministry. Before coming to Teddington he was at Mitcham Lane, Streatham (1977-1980). His subsequent ministries were Kings Heath & Moseley (1998-2004) and Beckenham (2004-2009).

The Diaconate told the Church Meeting on 8 September 1982, that it was "unanimously enthusiastic and enthusiastically unanimous in favour of issuing an immediate call to the Pastorate".

Mrs Herd Mrs Wyn Herd
Associate Minister 1984-1987
Place in TBC History

Mrs Wyn Herd came to TBC in 1984 from Altrincham to be our Associate Minister. Her call, issued in September 1983, was:

  • to be responsible for the development of the Lord's work among women in the fellowship and to be involved in such work inthe area;
  • to be involved in the provision of family counselling in the fellowship and in the area;
  • to be involved in a teaching ministry, in discipling, and in the development of leadership within the fellowship and in the area;"
Rev Miles Rev Bill Miles
Minister 1989-1995
Place in TBC History

Rev William George (Bill) Miles trained at the Union Theological College, Aberystwyth and then went into ministry under the auspices of the Prebyterian Church of Wales. He then served in Baptist ministry at New Milton (1978-1981) and Crawley (1981-1988) before coming to Teddington in 1989. He moved from Teddington to Henley-in-Aden at the beginning of 1996 and served there until his retirement in 2003. Bill Miles is married to Hilary and they have four children, Miriam, Jonathan, Jeremy, and Julian.

Rev Willis Rev Andrew Willis
Minister 1990-1996
Place in TBC History

Rev Andrew Leslie Willis trained at Birmingham Bible Institute. Teddington was his first pastorate and he moved from here to Brixham at the end of 1996 where he was minister until 2005. After a period of further study and training, he moved to Sri Lanka in 2009 to teach in a Bible College, returning to the UK in 2014. In January 2016, Andrew became the senior minister of High Road Baptist Chuch, Ilford. He is married to Angela and they have two children - Rachel and Christopher.

Rev Littledale Rev Richard Littledale
Minister 1997-
Place in TBC History

Rev Richard John Littledale is the longest serving Minister of the church having been with us for 18 years and 11 months. He trained at Spurgeon's College (a period which included a time working with Rev Michael Collis at Hertford). He was Associate Pastor at Purley Baptist Church from 1992 until the departure of Rev John Balchin in 1996 when he served as the sole minister there until moving to Teddington in September 1997. In February 2016, Richard Littledale accepted a call to be the senior pastor at Newbury Baptist Church. His final Sunday at Teddington was 17 July 2016. He is married to Fiona and they have three sons, Joseph, Jonathan, and Luke.